Sniply Review – Powerful New Tool To Increase Traffic Back To Your Website

Sniply Review

If you provide value to your prospects and customers by sharing links to useful and interesting content on other websites (hint:  if you don’t you should really start asap), you will know that the only downside is not being provide a link back to your own website. Until now that is.

The recent launch of Sniply now enables you to display a link and call to action on any other web page that you share. In this Sniply review I will look at how easy it is to now drive traffic back to your website from the links you share on social media.


An article shared on Twitter from with a floating Sniply call to action link at the bottom of the screen.

This really is a game changer. Imagine that every time you share a link to anyone else content you now have the ability to drive traffic back to your site. Powerful eh? Can you see the potential for your business?

The even better news is that you can also try Sniply for Free. They have both a free plan and also some paid options. More on these later. [Read more...]

Why & How To Set Up Adwords Conversion Tracking In A Small Business

How To Set Up Adwords Conversion Tracking

In this post I will guide you step by step in how to set up adwords conversion tracking for your own business. But first let’s start with the very important question – why?

A few nights ago the brother of an old work colleague, who runs his own small business contacted me and asked; “Whenever I run a campaign (Google Adwords) I can never get into the top ads, I’m always located in the side ads. Not sure if my ads are set up to the best or the keywords? If you could shed some expertise on this would be much appreciated”

Always happy to help I replied straight back. Although, not the reply he was expecting. Instead of asking questions about his keywords, bids, targeting, ad copy or many of the other elements that make up a successful Google Adwords campaign, my first question was “Have you got your conversion tracking set up?

I know it wasn’t quite what he was anticipating by his response; “will that bring my Adwords up?”

“No” I answered. “But going forward it will tell you which keywords are converting and your return on investment – you will then know where to focus your efforts and money. No point in working/spending in areas that are not converting or providing acceptable ROI. Believe me it will be time well spent.”

If you are a small business spending money on Adwords but don’t have conversion tracking set up, I would encourage you to put off whatever you were going to do next, finish reading this post and then go straight to your Adwords account  and set up your conversion tracking.

It should only take you a few minutes, but it will be some of the most valuable few minutes you will spent. [Read more...]

How To Create A Transparent Cut-Out Image Using A Free Online Tool

How To Create A Transparent Cut Out Image For Free

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to create professional looking graphics by combining a number of images together but end up with white boxes around the edges of each of them.

In this article I will introduce you to a Free online graphics tool which combines some of the great features you will find in professional packages such as Photoshop to enable you to create your own great looking images.

The tool is called Pixlr and comes in a number of variations including a downloadable desktop version, a web-based version and a mobile app. Today I will be using the web-based version. [Read more...]

How To Easily Create Professional Looking Business Graphics For FREE!

How To Easily Create Professional Looking Business Graphics For FREE!

One of my favourite online tools has to be It is an incredibly versatile and yet easy to use graphics tool that will enable even thew most creatively challenged business owner to create stunning looking graphics in minutes. I think the reason why I love this tool so much stems back to my first online business which I set up over 10 years ago.

It was an e-commerce business that I set up from scratch, invested £1200 in an online e-commerce platform and then discovered that to keep up with the “big boys” at that time I needed to invest heavily in getting professional graphics created on a regular basis for promotions and to keep the site looking fresh.

That was because tools like Canva did not exist and you either needed to further invest in something like Photoshop but would then also need to spend a vast amount of time learning the complexities of such graphic design packages.

Nowadays you do not need to invest such sums of money to set-up and create professional looking sites and graphics. [Read more...]

30 Day Podcast Challenge – 10 Days Into #pod30

The Imortane Of Storytelling in Podcast

Once upon a time there was a quiet, unassuming forty something family guy with a dream and a passion. That dream was to start a podcast. But not just a “one day I will start” podcast. He had a deadline. It was a self-imposed deadline of achieving his dream within just 30 days. Would he do it?

His passion, was to share with the world (or just anyone who was prepared to listen) his knowledge and experience of marketing.

His journey began 10 days before and in that time he would not have imagined the amount he would learn. What surprised him more, was the masses of support and encouragement he got from others encountered along the way.

Future podcasters and entrepreneurs who were travelling their own similar journeys willing to take time out to help him achieve his goal.

In fact he was so inspired by some of these fellow travelers that he couldn’t wait to share more of the amazing insights and “secrets” they had shared with him along the way…. [Read more...]

Choosing My Podcast Topic and Prioritising – Day 4 – #POD30

Choosing Podcast Topic - #pod30 - day 4

After yesterday, Day 4 was bit of a slow one as far as physically progressing the podcast goes. It was more a time for reflection and ensuring that I am going in the right direction before getting too far down the line. I also had a bit of an a-ha moment, which added more weight to the direction of my podcast. More on that later in this post.

If you have read my About Page you will know of my history and the passion I have for using my skills to help others who have their own business. More so, working with owners who do not have the know-how or confidence to use the internet, digital marketing and social media to grow and develop their businesses.

What’s amazing about this journey is, after only a few short days, the positive effect actually taking action has and the opportunities it opens up. [Read more...]

Choosing My Podcast Equipment – Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge #POD30

Choosing Podcast Equipment - #pod30 - Day 3

Day 3 of my podcast launch challenge and it’s time to ensure that I will be choosing the right equipment to launch. First an inventory of what I have already got and then an review of that against what some of the experts recommend including John Lee Dumas, Cliff Ravenscraft, Pat Flynn and Dave Jackson.

I’ll then see if there is anything that I am missing, where I can get it from and how much it costs.

We’ll take it as read that I have a PC or MAC (it’s actually a HP PC that’s about 4 years old). It should be up to it but again I will need to check this along the way. So here goes. [Read more...]

My 30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge – Day 1

Podcast Launch Challenge Day 1

Last night I posted the following on the UK Podcasters facebook group:

“The 16th tomorrow and excitedly looking forward to this date a month from now and the first UK Podcasters Conference in Birmingham.

I was fortunate to attend NMX back in January where I first met Mike and Izabela and then again a couple of months later at the meet-up in London.

Each time I promised myself that I would get my podcast up and running within the next month. But for whatever reason I kept coming up with excuses. First it was a house move, next an unexpected change of jobs and then supporting my daughter through A levels and learning to drive (my daughter that is).

I am wondering if anyone else in the group has been going through the same thing? Personally this procrastination has to stop. So what better way than set a 30 day challenge to have a podcast recorded, launched and uploaded by 16th August. [Read more...]

How All Small Businesses Can Save Time On Social Media Management

How All Small Businesses Can Save Time On Social Media Management

When it comes to growing your small business there is no getting away from it you just can’t afford to ignore social media.

Do so and you seriously risk being left behind in a cloud of dust as your competitors kick-off and sprint ahead of you.

I also regularly hear many of the excuses; I don’t know how to do it, I’m too old for all that, I don’t know what to write or most commonly, I haven’t got the time!

It is this last point that I want to help you with today. [Read more...]