30 Day Podcast Challenge – 10 Days Into #pod30

The Imortane Of Storytelling in Podcast

Once upon a time there was a quiet, unassuming forty something family guy with a dream and a passion. That dream was to start a podcast. But not just a “one day I will start” podcast. He had a deadline. It was a self-imposed deadline of achieving his dream within just 30 days. Would he do it?

His passion, was to share with the world (or just anyone who was prepared to listen) his knowledge and experience of marketing.

His journey began 10 days before and in that time he would not have imagined the amount he would learn. What surprised him more, was the masses of support and encouragement he got from others encountered along the way.

Future podcasters and entrepreneurs who were travelling their own similar journeys willing to take time out to help him achieve his goal.

In fact he was so inspired by some of these fellow travelers that he couldn’t wait to share more of the amazing insights and “secrets” they had shared with him along the way…. [Read more...]