Sniply Review – Powerful New Tool To Increase Traffic Back To Your Website

Sniply Review

If you provide value to your prospects and customers by sharing links to useful and interesting content on other websites (hint:  if you don’t you should really start asap), you will know that the only downside is not being provide a link back to your own website. Until now that is.

The recent launch of Sniply now enables you to display a link and call to action on any other web page that you share. In this Sniply review I will look at how easy it is to now drive traffic back to your website from the links you share on social media.


An article shared on Twitter from with a floating Sniply call to action link at the bottom of the screen.

This really is a game changer. Imagine that every time you share a link to anyone else content you now have the ability to drive traffic back to your site. Powerful eh? Can you see the potential for your business?

The even better news is that you can also try Sniply for Free. They have both a free plan and also some paid options. More on these later. [Read more...]

How All Small Businesses Can Save Time On Social Media Management

How All Small Businesses Can Save Time On Social Media Management

When it comes to growing your small business there is no getting away from it you just can’t afford to ignore social media.

Do so and you seriously risk being left behind in a cloud of dust as your competitors kick-off and sprint ahead of you.

I also regularly hear many of the excuses; I don’t know how to do it, I’m too old for all that, I don’t know what to write or most commonly, I haven’t got the time!

It is this last point that I want to help you with today. [Read more...]