Sniply Review – Powerful New Tool To Increase Traffic Back To Your Website

If you provide value to your prospects and customers by sharing links to useful and interesting content on other websites (hint:  if you don’t you should really start asap), you will know that the only downside is not being provide a link back to your own website. Until now that is.

The recent launch of Sniply now enables you to display a link and call to action on any other web page that you share. In this Sniply review I will look at how easy it is to now drive traffic back to your website from the links you share on social media.


An article shared on Twitter from with a floating Sniply call to action link at the bottom of the screen.

This really is a game changer. Imagine that every time you share a link to anyone else content you now have the ability to drive traffic back to your site. Powerful eh? Can you see the potential for your business?

The even better news is that you can also try Sniply for Free. They have both a free plan and also some paid options. More on these later.

First in this review, let’s look at how easy Sniply is to set-up and also the other platforms it integrates with to make using it a breeze.

Browser, Social Media & Other Extensions

Using Sniply is made even easier if you use Chrome or Firefox. You have the option to install extensions for these browsers from which you can have the tool automatically create snips as you share content. There are through a number of popular social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

There are also around another 30 extensions from which you can integrate Sniply with a range of popular social media and marketing tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, GetResponse, Mailchimp and many more. Again these extensions make using Sniply…quite simply a Snip!

How To Set-Up Sniply

Getting started with Sniply is very quick and easy. First head over to the Sniply website and click on the “Try Sniply For Free Button”:

Try Sniply For Free

Next simply enter your details or create your account using Facebook or Twitter.

Create Your Sniply Account


You will then be given the option to take a quick tour of Sniply including:

  • What’s Sniply?
  • The Sniply Workflow
  • Customizing Snips
  • Sniply Analytics
  • Working with Teams

Some of these options are only available in the paid plans but it’s certainly worth going through the tour just to see the potential Sniply can bring to your business. You do however have the option to skip and go straight to creating your first Snip.

Creating Your First Snip

I’ll assume for the purpose of this Sniply review you are using the free plan option. Once you have completed the quick tour or opted to skip it you will be taken to you Sniply dashboard from where you can manage your settings and create your first snip. This is one for a new free account I set up to demonstrate for this article.

Sniply Dashboard

Your first step is to grab the url of the page you want to share and create a snip for and enter it in the box at the top of the page “Enter URL” and click CREATE SNIP.

Here I have chosen the BBC News website home page:

Creating Your First Sniply Snip

You will note that the profile shows a default egg shape icon – you can change this through the settings option which I will run through later in this review of Sniply.

The other options are:

Action Type: Here you can select a text Link format or a Button format (shown). The other two options or Form and Image are available on the paid plans.

Message: This is where you enter your Sniply Call To Action (CTA) text.

Button Text: Here you can change the text that appears on the clickable button that will be displayed.

Button URL: This is where you specify the page you want the visitor to go to – it can be to your own site or even someone elses!

Customize: Here you can change various elements of how and where on the page your CTA displays – unfortunately you will need to be on a paid plan to take advantage of all but one of these options:

Change How Your Sniply Snip Displays

Create: Having made changes you want this is where you now click to create your first Snip.

Creating Your Sniply Link

Changing Your Sniply Settings

If you are using Sniply for your personal or business brand you are likely to want to change the Name that appears on your link and also the profile image (currently the egg shape above). You can make these changes in the left-hand menu under Account:

Changing Your Image In Sniply

  1. First click the Profiles link
  2. Click the blue edit button that appears next to your profile icon and name
  3. Change the Display Name to that you want to appear
  4. Next click on Change Photo and upload your image – it will re-size your image to 50 x 50
  5. Finally click update profile

Updating Your Sniply Profile

Now if you click on the Manage Snips on the left-hand side bar you will see your Snip listed.

To see your Snip in action simply click on the last icon under the Actions heading to the right of your listed Snip:

View Your Snip


Here is the Snip I have just created in action on the BBC News page I linked to:

Your Sniply Link In Action

Click here or on the image above to see it in action for yourself.

And what’s more if the person who clicked your link decides to stay and look at other pages on the BBC site your CTA link will keep on displaying on the other pages.

How Much Does Sniply Cost?

At the time of writing there are three main options with additional savings that can be made for an annual plan over a monthly plan. The basic single profile Sniply account, as I have demonstrated here, is FREE. This will allow you 1000 clicks per month

The other options are:

Pro ($29/$25 per month) – 5000 clicks, 2 Profiles, 1 Team Member

StartUp ($79/$66 per month) – 20,000 clicks, 6 Profiles, 3 Team Members

Business ($149/$125 per month) – 50,000 clicks, 10 Profiles, 5 Team Members

(monthly/annual payment)

There are also larger enterprise options available as well as custom tailored plans.

Over To You

I hope this Sniply review has provided some value to you. It really does have the potential to be a game changer in terms of driving and increasing traffic to your website through your own content sharing activity.

If nothing else it is certainly worth testing for yourself to see how it can work for your business especially as you can initially try Sniply for Free. I would love to hear of your own experiences and successes. Please let me know in the comment box below.

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