Why & How To Set Up Adwords Conversion Tracking In A Small Business

How To Set Up Adwords Conversion Tracking

In this post I will guide you step by step in how to set up adwords conversion tracking for your own business. But first let’s start with the very important question – why?

A few nights ago the brother of an old work colleague, who runs his own small business contacted me and asked; “Whenever I run a campaign (Google Adwords) I can never get into the top ads, I’m always located in the side ads. Not sure if my ads are set up to the best or the keywords? If you could shed some expertise on this would be much appreciated”

Always happy to help I replied straight back. Although, not the reply he was expecting. Instead of asking questions about his keywords, bids, targeting, ad copy or many of the other elements that make up a successful Google Adwords campaign, my first question was “Have you got your conversion tracking set up?

I know it wasn’t quite what he was anticipating by his response; “will that bring my Adwords up?”

“No” I answered. “But going forward it will tell you which keywords are converting and your return on investment – you will then know where to focus your efforts and money. No point in working/spending in areas that are not converting or providing acceptable ROI. Believe me it will be time well spent.”

If you are a small business spending money on Adwords but don’t have conversion tracking set up, I would encourage you to put off whatever you were going to do next, finish reading this post and then go straight to your Adwords account ¬†and set up your conversion tracking.

It should only take you a few minutes, but it will be some of the most valuable few minutes you will spent. [Read more...]