Online Marketing Training Courses

In this section I list details of the courses I personally recommend. These are either courses I have purchased and taken myself or ones where I have met or developed a personal connection with the creator/tutor or have received glowing feedback from others who have taken the course.

Creating An Online Business – Internet Business Mastery

Internet Business Mastery Academy was one of the original online business development courses created by Jeremy Fransden and Jason Van Orden. I have been fortunate to meet both Jeremy and Jason and am also a member of the IBM Academy myself.

The Academy provides you with a step by step guide to not only creating and launching your own online business but also how to develop your idea in the first place and establish if there is a need and a market for your business.

Packed with both audio and video lessons as well as step by step check and action lists, this course is a must for anyone who is serious about setting up a pure online “passive income” business.

Video & YouTube Marketing – Video Traffic Academy

James Wedmore the creator of Video Traffic Academy is one of the leading video marketers you are ever likely to meet. James’ course has been recommended to me by some of my most trusted online marketing colleagues. If you want to discover:

  1. How to identify the best keywords to use in video marketing
  2. How to quickly learn the four essential pillars of YouTube success
  3. The secrets to creating a GREAT video, even being in front of the camera
  4. The best software, hardware and other tools that help make your videos look amazing
  5. The secret of YouTube channel optimization and how to crack the code to YouTube’s ranking criteria
  6. Exactly hat to do after your video has been uploaded to experience better results.

Then Video Traffic Academy is definitely worth a look.

LinkedIn – LinkedInfluence

Trevor Turnbull is often regarded as the Number 1 LinkedIn trainer and speaker. Through both his LinkedInfluence course and individually he has trained thousands on business owners and entrepreneurs on how to get REAL results from using LinkedIn.

As a thought leader on the topic of LinkedIn, Trevor has been hired by some of the worlds leading companies including General Motors and the Bank of Montreal as well as being quoted in many major publications including Forbes and