How To Create A Transparent Cut-Out Image Using A Free Online Tool

How To Create A Transparent Cut Out Image For Free

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to create professional looking graphics by combining a number of images together but end up with white boxes around the edges of each of them.

In this article I will introduce you to a Free online graphics tool which combines some of the great features you will find in professional packages such as Photoshop to enable you to create your own great looking images.

The tool is called Pixlr and comes in a number of variations including a downloadable desktop version, a web-based version and a mobile app. Today I will be using the web-based version. [Read more...]

How To Easily Create Professional Looking Business Graphics For FREE!

How To Easily Create Professional Looking Business Graphics For FREE!

One of my favourite online tools has to be It is an incredibly versatile and yet easy to use graphics tool that will enable even thew most creatively challenged business owner to create stunning looking graphics in minutes. I think the reason why I love this tool so much stems back to my first online business which I set up over 10 years ago.

It was an e-commerce business that I set up from scratch, invested ¬£1200 in an online e-commerce platform and then discovered that to keep up with the “big boys” at that time I needed to invest heavily in getting professional graphics created on a regular basis for promotions and to keep the site looking fresh.

That was because tools like Canva did not exist and you either needed to further invest in something like Photoshop but would then also need to spend a vast amount of time learning the complexities of such graphic design packages.

Nowadays you do not need to invest such sums of money to set-up and create professional looking sites and graphics. [Read more...]