Choosing My Podcast Topic and Prioritising – Day 4 – #POD30

After yesterday, Day 4 was bit of a slow one as far as physically progressing the podcast goes. It was more a time for reflection and ensuring that I am going in the right direction before getting too far down the line. I also had a bit of an a-ha moment, which added more weight to the direction of my podcast. More on that later in this post.

If you have read my About Page you will know of my history and the passion I have for using my skills to help others who have their own business. More so, working with owners who do not have the know-how or confidence to use the internet, digital marketing and social media to grow and develop their businesses.

What’s amazing about this journey is, after only a few short days, the positive effect actually taking action has and the opportunities it opens up. Just this morning I took the time out (only a couple of minutes) to complete another podcasters survey.

From that I was prompted to asked myself; “What is the one main outcome I want to get from starting my own podcast?

Get Clear On Your Podcast’s Purpose

The answer I wrote down (yes write it down) was:

To help small business owners to be able to use the power of the internet and digital marketing to grow their businesses and get the personal outcome they are seeking from having started their businesses.

I have also realised the biggest thing holding me back (second to thinking my voice is not the most interesting one on the planet) is; a fear the information and guidance I am aiming to provide will not be good enough and that I will look (and sound) stupid.

Do you have any of these same thoughts?

Most of this stems from the fact that I always thought; “surely if,as a business owner I know how to do this stuff, then everyone else must also know how to do it. So what value would I bring?”

I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to realise that this is just not the case. Remember even if you only know 1-2% more about a subject than your audience, you can bring real value to them.

Although in most cases you will be significantly more knowledgeable in your chosen subject than the majority of your audience.

My A-HA Moment

So my a-ha moment revolved around the fact the biggest value I can give will be to those who, at this current moment in time, have probably never even heard of a podcast. And therein lies its own challenge.

But as a long practiced marketing guy if, I can’t find the answer to that challenge, I should not be doing what I am.

Now the easiest thing to do would be to aim at the “I want to make easy money online” crowd. But everyone else is doing that and it’s not where my passions lies.

Is Your Passion Getting In The Way Of The Money?

Am I letting my passion get in the way of the “easy money”? – probably.

At the end of the day passion alone will not pay the mortgage, electricity bills, food and fuel. Would most other business people tell me to go down the path of least resistance? – most likely.

But then I recall a quote I heard recently along the lines of;

Contrary to popular belief get rich quickly DOES exist – what DOESN’T  - is get rich easily!

It is possible to become very successful very quickly – but it takes an awful lot of hard work before hand.

Although, in reality, I am not on this journey to get rich. I am on it to do something I have a passion for and at the end of the day, to have the flexibility or choice of where and when I work.

A life where me and my family can choose where to live and earn enough to get the kids through university and not have to worry about whether or not we can go on holiday. Such freedom in itself is one of the greatest riches available to us all. (Wow -that was deep – for me).

Choosing your podcast topic

If I have learnt anything it would be to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What have I got a passion for? (at the end of the day you will be doing a show whether daily, weekly or monthly etc on this subject – you’ll need some passion for it)
  2. What outcome do I want others to get from it?
  3. Exactly who will benefit from what I have to share? (be as specific as you can here i.e small business owners with a passion for their business and providing 1st class service who know little or nothing about getting on and marketing their business online)
  4. What is holding me back and how can I take action today to overcome this? (i.e a fear that what I have to share will not be of value and I will look (and sound) stupid
  5. What will be the outcome if I don’t start my podcast? (who won’t benefit? who will lose out and why? – i.e my potential audience will lose out in not being able to benefit from my knowledge and experience and thus may not be as successful in their own lives as they otherwise could have been and I will not get the flexibility of choice I desire)

If you can do grab a pen and paper or your keyboard right now and write down the answers to these questions for your own podcast. You will be amazed at the clarity it will bring you in choosing your podcast topic.





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