My 30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge – Day 1

Last night I posted the following on the UK Podcasters facebook group:

“The 16th tomorrow and excitedly looking forward to this date a month from now and the first UK Podcasters Conference in Birmingham.

I was fortunate to attend NMX back in January where I first met Mike and Izabela and then again a couple of months later at the meet-up in London.

Each time I promised myself that I would get my podcast up and running within the next month. But for whatever reason I kept coming up with excuses. First it was a house move, next an unexpected change of jobs and then supporting my daughter through A levels and learning to drive (my daughter that is).

I am wondering if anyone else in the group has been going through the same thing? Personally this procrastination has to stop. So what better way than set a 30 day challenge to have a podcast recorded, launched and uploaded by 16th August.

And for anyone else who is going through the same thing either now or in the future I will document the challenge so that it might help them get out of the same rut I have found myself in.

With a full time job, family and a near 2 hour commute each way it will be a challenge. All and any support, guidance, tips and advice anyone is able to give to help me achieve this project would be much appreciated, the ongoing results and learning I will gladly share with the group.

Is anyone else interested in a similar challenge to get their podcast up and running in time for 16th August?”


Day 1 – Early Start

So today is Day 1 of my Podcast launch challenge. My aim will not only be to get a podcast recorded, produced and uploaded but also to journal my progress each day here on my blog.

Today has started well. I set my alarm a little earlier today (for 4:30am) and was able to do all the “getting ready for work” things done by 6am and that’s where I am at this point.

As I have the long commute and although I had previously purchased it on Kindle I am just about buy and download the Audible edition of Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas. It’s only £4.70, although I am fortunate to have a £10 credit on my Audible account at this time.

How Much Will It All Cost?

That has just given me another thought – I should document my spend as well as what I learn and the actions I take over the next 30 days. I have already spent some over the last 6 months and I will put a list of those items together as well.

At this point in time I am not sure what podcast to launch. Should it be my Digital Marketing Toolkit Podcast or one for a site I am helping my two teenage kids get off the ground –

Now that could be the hidden fear and procrastination creeping in again but it’s a decision I am going to have to make pretty quickly.

Today’s Actions

Having downloaded the Podcast Launch audio book I mentioned earlier I managed to listen to the whole thing on my commute this morning. It’s a good book but not ideal for listening to in the car – best to have a notebook and pen to hand. The real benefit is that it is also supported by 15 free video guides and tutorials.

I don’t believe you have to buy the book to watch the videos as the page the videos are on also includes links to John’s Podcasters Paradise. I joined this in December last year but since then haven’t really taken advantage of it.

I intend to delve in head first as part of my 30 day challenge and will let you know how I get on any the value I get from it.

On the commute back I caught up with Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting Podcast and also Daniel J. Lewis’s Audacity To Podcast, both on Stitcher.

And then of course writing this first post.

Tomorrows To Do List

I will be up early again tomorrow as the first thing I intend to do is put myself a list together of all the things I need to get done as part of my challenge. I could if I wanted to hook a mic up to my pc, open up something Spreaker and start talking and at the end of 10, 20 or 30 minutes proclaim that I have a podcast and that I succeeded in my podcast launch challenge in only 1 day!

However I want to do this properly. And by that I mean get not only the podcast sorted but also the graphics, intro and outros, website, photography, social media and anything else that needs to be done.

Until tomorrow…

Photo by Colleen AF Venable


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