30 Day Podcast Challenge – 10 Days Into #pod30

Once upon a time there was a quiet, unassuming forty something family guy with a dream and a passion. That dream was to start a podcast. But not just a “one day I will start” podcast. He had a deadline. It was a self-imposed deadline of achieving his dream within just 30 days. Would he do it?

His passion, was to share with the world (or just anyone who was prepared to listen) his knowledge and experience of marketing.

His journey began 10 days before and in that time he would not have imagined the amount he would learn. What surprised him more, was the masses of support and encouragement he got from others encountered along the way.

Future podcasters and entrepreneurs who were travelling their own similar journeys willing to take time out to help him achieve his goal.

In fact he was so inspired by some of these fellow travelers that he couldn’t wait to share more of the amazing insights and “secrets” they had shared with him along the way….

The Importance Of Storytelling

If you hadn’t already guessed the person in this story is me and one of the most important things I have learnt in the last 10 days is that creating a podcast is not just about the equipment, the hosting or even the subject of your podcast. It’s also about providing a combination of value and entertainment through your podcast.

It’s not enough to just provide your content, you have to provide a level of entertainment along the way. This doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished comedian, DJ or professional presenter to be able to entertain. To me it means injecting a little bit of storytelling along the way.

I recently caught Lewis Howe’s The School Of Greatness podcast  - How to Craft, Communicate and Cash in On Your Personal Story – well worth a listen. This backed up other things I had read and heard, which all stress the importance of story telling in your blog posts and podcasts.

I have yet to figure out just how I am going to include the art of storytelling within my content but at least it will be high on the list when thinking about and starting to pull together and craft the content.  Most certainly I am not going to start each podcast with “Once upon a time” and plan on studying some of the great resources over at Content Martketing Institute on story-telling.


One of the items I had on my To Do List from Day 2 was arrange for some professional photography. Unfortunately on contacting a number of local photographers they were unable to book me in with enough time to get the photos ready for my website development and podcast launch.

My teenage son, who is keen to learn photography stepped in with the DSLR we got him for Christmas and having donned my chosen shirt (to match some of my brand colouring) we set about doing our own photo-shoot.

Having sifted through all the photos and decided on the one to use for my profile pic and a little “Photoshopping” later we achieved the following:

Rob Mob

Original Photo

Rob Mobberley

After Photoshop





That whole process took us about an afternoon. Okay so its not quite to the standards of Pat Flynn or Chris Ducker, but I do at least now have a series of photographs of different sizes, with and without transparent backgrounds that I can use in the future on various materials and platforms.

Choosing The Right Podcast Headphones

podcast headphonesAfter some useful feedback from the Podcasters Paradise forum and also UK Podcasters I have ordered my headphones. The decision on which ones to go for was based around quality, comfort, sound leakage and budget.

The reason why I mention headphones is that you don’t see a lot about whether or not you should have them and why but most images you see of established podcasters, they are wearing them. I learned the main reason is to be able to clearly monitor your own voice levels whilst recording.

If not wearing any, if at any time you move your mouth away from the mic, even only for brief moments you won’t notice the change in levels of your voice recording and you will fade in an out during your show.

With headphones on you will notice this immediately and can then move your mouth back nearer the mic to keep a much more constant and professional sound. That’s the key take-away I picked up.

I had set myself a budget of £50-£100. I wanted a pair that would sit comfortably over my ears and not just rest on top of them, thus the size of the ear cups was important. Some I tested said over-ear but unfortunately were just too small to enclose my ears fully.

After much deliberation between the Seinhessier HD380's and the Sony MDR 7506, I settle on the Sony’s which I picked up from Amazon for just £76 (approx $121).

Other Actions

A number of the actions I have taken in the last 10 days are covered in my previous Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 posts. Additional to those I have also:

  1. Had an amazing conversation with Alexis and Doug Allen from Profit With Podcasts which helped me get massively more focused on my niche and actually setting up conversations with individuals who match my avatar (=ideal customer) some of which I have had and others scheduled for the next few days.
  2. Made the decision to stick with the Epik theme on my website and get the small changes to the site CSS done. I was thinking of changing the theme completely.
  3. I have put down on a spreadsheet the titles for the first 5 topics/episodes. I have also started work on a content calendar and have about 30 subjects identified. I am tidying up the template for my content calendar, which I have based on a number of others I have come across and as soon as finished I will share it in this and future posts.

Your Turn

Are you currently on your own journey to launching your podcast. Are you delaying for any reason? Have you sorted your imagery and photography and chosen the equipment you will be launching with? How will you incorporate the storytelling element in your podcas

Please let me know in the comments below. Any questions I will do my best to answer as I progress along the road to my launch date.

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